Delfina de Araujo is a landscape artist, specializing in orchids.
Orchidist and orchidologist, since 1996 she has dedicated herself to studies of the orchid family, promoting courses, lectures, publishing books, with articles published in the main magazines dedicated to this subject, both in Brazil and abroad, such as (Boletim CAOB - Coordination of Orchid Societies in Brazil; Orchidarium - OrquidaRio magazine; CAWO (Belgium) and Orchids (magazine edited by the American Orchid Society - USA).

Technical director of OrquidaRio - Orquidófilos Associados - for a period of 3 (three) years.

Consultant and curator of the Institute of Art and Botanical Garden INHOTIM, where she organized the construction on the new vandário, in the period 2013/2014.

Curator of the orchid collections (scientific and exhibition) at the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro, starting in 2015, where she promoted the revitalization of the nursery.

Provides consultancy and landscaping services for orchids.
Formation of thematic collections and choice of plants suitable for the available climate.
In landscaping with orchids, creation of thematic beds and rock gardens with rupicolous orchids.
Formation of collections.

Takes introductory courses to the world of orchids and their cultivation since 2000 (private courses and through associations).

Together wih Sergio Araujo, professional photographer and webmaster, she edits the virtual magazine Orchid News, the oldest magazine about orchids on the internet.

Courses, lectures and workshops in Brazil and abroad:
-2005, in Dijon, France (World Orchid Conference)
-2005, Liège, Belgium;
-2008, in Miami, USA (World Orchid Conference);
Since 2009, in Joinville - SC,
Fortaleza - CE,
Porto Velho - RO,
Juiz de Fora - MG,
Cataguases - MG,
Rio de Janeiro - RJ,
Ijuí - RS,
Inhotim - MG.

Lecture in Miami

Vandario at Inhotim

Botanical garden Rio de Janeiro