This location is warm/hot and shaded

Now, answer if there are:




Obs.- If there is no ventilation, at all, in this place, you must provide some kind of artificial ventilation (fan, etc,)

The climate is warm/hot, shaded
and with a high ventilation (wind)

In these conditions you can have the following species:

I don't know any species that can thrive in these conditions. If you know some species that can thrive in the above conditions, please tell me.


The climate is hot, shaded and
with a good ventilation (breeze)

In these conditions you can have the following species:

Aerangis arachnopsis

Aerangis luteo-alba var rhodosticta

Aerangis calantha

Aerangis kirkii

Aerangis megaphylla

Aerangis splendida

Aerangis stelligera

Bulbophyllum in general

Campylocentrum micrathum

Cirrhaea saccata

Dendrobium smilliae


Doritis pulcherrima

Gongora bufonia

Huntleya meleagris

Liparis guineensis

Malaxis latifolia

Oeceoclades maculata or Eulophidium maculatum

Paphiopedilum(com folhas manchadas)

Paphiopedilum bellatulum

Paphiopedilum barbatum

Paphiopedilum callosum

Paphiopedilum Cocoa Cherry

Paphiopedilum concolor

Paphiopedilum Makuli

Paphiopedilum niveum

PaphiopedilumDr. Jack

Paphiopedilum Shadow Magic

Phalaenopsis and hybrids

Phalaenopsis amabilis

Phragmipedium caricinum

Phragmipedium sargentianum

Stelis megantha

Xylobium squalens or Xylobium variegatum