Oncidium Sw.
Tribe: Cymbidieae
Subtribe: Oncidiniiae
Etymology: From Greek = Onkos.
Olof Swartz, in 1800, gave this name due to the small callus situated at the base of the lip which seams to be a wart, tumor, swelling, in Greek, Onkos.

  Brazilian species by section, according to Sonderabdruck aus Schlechter, Die Orchideen, 3. auflage. Bd.1 and occurrence by states.
We list a greater number of species as, according to Brazilian researchers, other species which have not been considered in this work, would be also valid.
This list is not exhaustive. It does not include all Brazilian species assigned to the genus Oncidium but the great part of them.

  aberrans Schltr PR Paucituberculata
  albini Schltr PR Waluewa
  amabile(species dubia ) - Oblongata (ex Planifolia)
  amictum Lindl ES, MG, MS, RJ, SP Waluewa
  barbaceniae Lindl MG, PR, RJ, SP Oblongata (01)
  barbatum Lindl AL, BA, CE, ES, MG, PB, PE, RJ Barbata
  batemanianum Parm ex Knowl & West. GO, MG, RJ Verrucituberculata
  baueri Lindl AL, AP, ES, MG, PA, RJ, SP (02) Oblongata (ex planifolia)
  bifolium Sims PR, RS, SC Synsepala
  blanchetii Rchb. f. BA, ES, MG, PE, PR, RJ, SC, SP Verrucituberculata
  brunnipetalum Barb. Rodr. PR Synsepala
  caldense Rchb. f. MG (03) Oblongata
  cebolleta Sw AC, AL, AM, BA, CE, ES, GO, MG, MS, MT, PA, PB, PE, PI, RN, RR, TO (?) Cebolleta
  celsissimum Hoffmsgg. sine loco (species dubia,) Oblongata (ex planifolia)
  chapadense P. Castro & Campaccii GO (04) Verrucituberculata
  chrysopterum (Lindl) Krzl MT (?) Barbata
  chrysorhapis Rchb. f. SC Waluewa
  chrysothyrsus Rchb. f. ex Warner (?) Synsepala
  ciliatum Lindl AL, BA, CE, ES, MG, PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP Barbata
  cipoense MG -
  cogniauxianum Schltr. PR, RJ, SC, SP Barbata
  coloratum Kön & Weinm. ES Waluewa
  concolor Hook MG, PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP (05) Concoloria
  cornigerum Lindl ES, MG, PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP (06) Waluewa
  crispum Lodd ES, MG, PR, RJ, SC, SP Crispa
  croesus Rchb. f. ES, RJ Barbata
  cruciatum Rchb. f. MS, PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP (07) Waluewa
  curtum Lindl ES, PR, RJ Crispa
  dasytyle Rchb. f. RJ Concoloria
  divaricatum Lindl ES, MG, RJ Pulvinata
  donianum Batem. ex Baxter PR, RJ, SC Verrucituberculata
  edmundoi Pabst MG, RJ Oblongata
  edwallii Cogn ES, MG, MS, PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP Paucituberculata
  enderianum Hort RJ, SP (08 e 09) Crispa
  eurycline Rchb. f. (?) Barbata
  euxanthinum Rchb. f. (10) MG, SP Synsepala
  fimbriatum Lindl ES, PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP (06) Waluewa
  flexuosum Sims AL, BA, ES, MG, PA, PE, PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP Synsepala
  forbesii Hook ES, MG, RJ, SP Crispa
  fuscans Rchb. f ES, MG, PR, RJ, SC Oblongata
  fuscopetalum (Hoehne) Garay GO, MS ,MT, PA Barbata
  gardneri Lindl ES, MG, PR, RJ, SP Crispa
  ghillanyi Pabst MG (11) Synsepala
  gilvum (Vell.) Pabst ES (species dubia) Waluewa
  gracile Lindl MG Concoloria
  gravesianum Rolfe ES, PB, PE, PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP (08) Crispa
  harrisonianum Lindl ES, MG, RJ, SP Pulvinata
  heteranthum Poepp. & Endl PA Heterantha
  hians Lindl MG, PR, RJ, SP Paucituberculata
  hookeri Rolfe MG, PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP Paucituberculata
  hydrophilum Barb. Rodr DF, GO,MG, PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP Verrucituberculata
  imperatoris-maximiliani Rchb. f. RJ Crispa
  isopterum Lindl MG, GO (?) Synsepala
  jonesianum Rchb. f. BA, GO, MG, MS, MT, SP, TO Cebolleta
  kautskyi Pabst ES Waluewa
  kraenzlinianum Cogn ES, RJ Paucituberculata
  leinigii Pabst PR Waluewa
  lietzei Regel ES, PR, RJ, SP Waluewa
  loefgrenii Cogn. ES, MG, PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP Paucituberculata
  longicornu Mutel ES, MG, PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP Rhinocerontes
  longipes Lindl ex Paxt. ES, MG, PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP Barbata
  macronyx Rchb. f. RS, SC Rhinocerontes
  macropetalum Lindl DF, GO, MG, MS, MT, PA, SP Barbata
  maculosum Lindl MG Synsepala
  majevskyi Toscanto e Castro ES – RJ Synsepala
  mantini Godefr. RJ (12) Crispa
  marshallianum Rchb. f. ES, MG, RJ Crispa
  martianum Lindl MG, PR Synsepala
  micropogon Rchb. f. BA, ES, RS, SC Barbata
  montanum Barb. Rodr. (14) Oblongata
  orthostates Ridl AM, GO, RO, RR , TO Oblongata
  ottonis Schltr. MG, PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP (05) Concoloria
  ouricanense Castro & Campacci BA Rostrata
  paranaense Krzl MG, MS, PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP Paucituberculata
  paranapiacabense Hoehne SP Synsepala
  pectorale Lindl RJ, SC, SP (12) Crispa
  pentescostele Rchb. f RJ (13) Oblongata (ex Planifolia)
  phymatochilum Lindl BA (?), ES, MG, PE, RJ, SP Oncidium (ex Planilabria)
  pirarense Rchb. f. ES, MG, PR, RJ, SC, SP (14) Oblongata
  planilabre Lindl sine loco Planilabria
  polyodontum Krzl (species dubia, sine loco) Waluewa
  praetextum Rchb. f ES, PR, RJ, SP (08) Crispa
  psyche Schltr RS (15) Barbata
  pubes Lindl ES, MG, RJ, SP (07) Waluewa
  pulvinatum Lindl ES, MG, PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP Pulvinata
  pyxidophorum Rchb. f. (?) Waluewa
  ramosum Lindl MG (03) Verrucituberculata
  raniferum Lindl PE, RJ, SP Paucituberculata
  remotiflorum Garay RJ Waluewa
  riograndense Cogn MG, PR, RS, SC, SP Waluewa
  rivierianum St. Leg sine loco (16) Crispa
  robustissimum Rchb f ES, MG, RJ Pulvinata
  sarcodes Lindl ES, MG, PR, RJ, SP Crispa
  scansor Rchb f. RO Serpentia
  schunkeanum Campaccii & Catharino ES Pulvinata
  sellowii Cogn MG,PE Verrucituberculata
  silvanum P. Castro e Campacci BA Waluewa
  sphegiferum Lindl ES, PR, RJ, RS, SC Pulvinata
  spilopterum Lindl GO(?) MG, MS (17) , MT Oblongata
  trichodes Lindl PA Barbata
  trulliferum Lindl ES, PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP Rostrata
  truncatum Pabst MG, RJ, RS Waluewa
  unicolor Rolfe ES – RJ Barbata
  uniflorum Booth ES, MG, PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP Barbata
  varicosum Lindl ES ,GO, SP (10) Synsepala
  verrucosissimum Cogn ES Waluewa
  waluewa Rolfe MS, RJ Waluewa
  warmingii Rchb. f. ES, MG, RJ, SP Verrucituberculata
  welteri Pabst ES, MG, RJ, SP Synsepala
  widgrenii Lindl MG, RJ, RS Waluewa
  zappii Pabst ES, RJ Crispa

  X colnagoi Pabst
O. zappii X O. gardneri var. caloglossum
  X litum Rchb. f. (18)
O. forbesii X O. crispum According to Carlos Eduardo de Britto, it would be O. forbesii X O. gardneri
  X polletianum Rchb. f. (19)
Reichenbach described as a species and arose the hypothesis that it could be a hybrid between O. dasytyle and O. forbesii.
In "Flora Brasilienzis", it appears as a variety of O. gardneri.
To Carlos Eduardo de Britto, it would O. dasytyle X O.curtum
  X praestans Rchb. f. (20)
Described as a species and arose the hypothesis that it could be a hybrid between O. daystyle e O. gardneri. .
In "Flora Brasilienzis" it appears as a variety of O. gardneri
To Carlos Eduardo de Britto it would be O. dasytyle X O. forbesii
  X punctatum Hort
In "Flora Brasilienzis", it appears as a hybrid between O. forbesii X O. gardneri
  X scullyi Pabst & Mello
O. curtum X O. gravesianum
  X stanleyi Rolfe
sine loco
O. curtum X O. marshallianum
  X wheatleyanum Gower
O. crispum X O. dasytyle
  Ornithocidium roczonii Leinig
(Ornithophora radicans X Oncidium riograndense

  The recent nomenclatorial changes proposed provoked the transference of some species to other genera however many of them are still known by their old nomenclature, it means, as Oncidium. As it happened with another transferred genera, there is no change in the registration of the hybrids because it would be impossible to change registers that have been doing since 100 years ago.
The formerly recognized Section Plurituberculata is now excluded from the genus and has been elevated to generic rank under the genus Lophiaris established by Raffinnesque in l838. This change has been based on morphologic characteristics and due to the fact that those species present in the index of chromosomes a clear divergence with the genus Oncidium (Karlheinz Senghas, , translated by Waldemar Scheliga in Orquidário, volume 12, nº4)

The formerly Section recognized asOncidium (or section Equitantia Lindl l850) has been excluded of this genus and has been elevated to generic rank under the genus, re-establishing the name of Tolumnia given by Rafinnesque in l836.
The formerly Section recognized as glanduligera has also been excluded from the genus Oncidium and subdivided into two other genus: Psychopsiella Lückel & Braem l982 and Psychopsis Rafin l838

  Lophiaris lanceanum (Lindl.) Braëm AM,PA,PE Oncidium lanceanum (Lindl.)
  Lophiaris morenoi (Dodson & Luer) Braëm ES, MS, MT, PA, SP Oncidium morenoi Dodson & Luer
  Lophiaris nana (Lindl.) Braëm AM, MS, MT, PA Oncidium nanum Lindl
  Lophiaris pohliana (Cogn) Braëm (formerly in section pulvinata) SP Oncidium pohlianum Cogn
  Lophiaris pumila (Lindl.) Braëm BA, DF, ES, GO , MG, MS, MT, PA, PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP Oncidium pumilum Lindl
  Lophiaris straminea (Batem ex Lindl.) Braëm
Oncidium stramineum Batem. ex Lindl
  Lophiaris schwambachiae (Castro & Toscano) Sengh. ES Oncidium schwambachi Castro & Toscano
  Rodricidium (Rodriguezia venusta X Oncidium pumilum) ES a The name has not been changed
  Psychopsiella limminghei (Ed. Morr ex Lindl) Lückel & Braëm MG, RJ Oncidium limminghei Ed. Morr ex Lindl.
  Psychopsis papilio (Lindl) H. G. Jones a confirmar Oncidium papilio Lindl.
  Psychopsis sandarae (Rolfe) Lückel & Braem a confirmar Oncidium sanderaeRolfe
  Tolumnia urophylla (Lodd. ex Lindl) Braem AM (?) Oncidium urophyllum Lodd. ex Lindl.


(?) – to be confirmed.

01- barbaceniae 1. Lindl – Pabst considered as Section Oblongata and Garay & Stacy as Section Synsepala

02- Species contested by Senghas in his last work about Oncidium. Carlos Eduardo de Britto Pereira, (CEBP) agreeing with Pabst & Dungs e Garay & Stacy, believes that it is not the same species as Oncidium altissimum Sw. .

03- Garay & Stacy considered O. caldense as synonym of O. ramosum, CEBP agrees with Pabst & Dungs, he believes there are two valid species.

04- Species contested by some researches who are in doubt if it is a valid species or a synonym of O. hydrophilum

05- Garay & Stacy e Pabst & Dungs considered O. ottonis as synonym of O. concolor. To CEBP e Senghas, both species are valid.

06- CEBP suspects that O. fimbriatum and O. cornigerum could be the same species, may be different horticultural form.

07- CEBP considers very possible that O. cruciatum would be O. pubes.

08- To Carlos Eduardo, O. praetextum and O. gravesianum and what is called O. enderianum are the same species and Oncidium praetextum would be the valid name.

09- Pabst wrote O. enderanum. We do not know if he has some raison to do this or if it was just a type write mistake. However some researches such as Garay & Stacy, adopted this way of writing .

10- To Carlos Eduardo, O. euxanthinum and O. varicosum would be two different species.

11- O.ghillany
possibly is a different species from O. spilopterum (see the interview)

12- Pabst considered O. mantini as a synonym of O. pectorale Carlos Eduardo considered both species as valid and O. duveeni as a synonym of O. mantini. Senghas considered O. duveniii as a valid species and did not mentioned mantini. O. mantini. According to Carlos Eduardo (agreeing with Rolfe) It can be a natural hybrid between O. forbesi and O. marshallianum.

13- O.pentescostele Rchb. f. – 13- O. pentescostele Rchb. f. - doubt species-possibly O. baueri

14- Carlos Eduardo considers O. montanum Barb. Rodr. and O. pirarense Rchb. F as two valid species. Pabst e Dungs as well as Garay & Stacy considered O. montanum as a synonym of O. pirarense

15- O. psyche
Schltr – Garay and Stacy considered as synonym of O. micropogon. Pabst & Dungs considered as two different species.

16- Pabst & Dungs wrote O. rivieranum, Senghas and Garay & Stacy as O. riviereanum.

17- O.spilopterum Lindl - To Senghas e Garay & Stacy, is section Synsepala

18- X litum Rchb. f. – Senghas considered as species dubia.

19- Pabst & Dungs e Garay & Stacy considered O. pollettianum as synonym of O. gardneri however Carlos Eduardo de Britto Pereira considered as a valid species.

20- Pabst & Dungs e Garay & Stacy considered O. praestans as synonym of O. gardneri.