Oncidium Sw.
Tribe: Cymbidieae
Subtribe: Oncidiniiae
Etymology: From Greek = Onkos.
Olof Swartz, in 1800, gave this name due to the small callus situated at the base of the lip which seams to be a wart, tumor, swelling, in Greek, Onkos.

The key of sections is that presented by Karlheinz Senghas in his last work but the starting point was the key used by Guido Pabst and Dungst in "Flora Brasiliensis"l977.

The additions and new occurrence to Brazil and states are referred with a number which source is identified in the final of the article.

For further information about the book or magazine concerned, please, see the bibliography.

After the presentation of the key, we present a list of the species which are nowadays excluded from the genus.

The localization and the abbreviaton of the states are also presented at the end.

1 - Section cebolleta Lindl.
cebolleta Sw   AC, AL (5-10), AM, BA, CE (5), ES, GO, MG, MS (9-11), MT (9), PA, PB (5), PE, PI, RR, RN (5), Argentina, Surinam, Venezuela, America Central, Mexico 
jonesianum Rchb. f.   BA (8), GO (8), MG, MS (9), MT(9), SP, TO (9), Paraguay, Argentina, Bolívia

2- Section Pulvinata Lindl.
divaricatum Lindl.   ES, MG, RJ
harrisonianum Lindl.   ES, MG, RJ, SP
pulvinatum Lindl.   ES, MG, PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP, Paraguay
robustissimum Rchb. f   ES (1), MG, RJ (6)
schunkeanum Campacci e Catharino   ES (13)
sphefigerum Lindl.   ES, PR, RJ, RS, SC (14)

3- Section Serpentia (Krzl.) Garay (l970)
scansor Rchb f.   RO, Costa Rica, Bolívia, Venezuela (8)

4- Section waluewa (Regel) Schltr.
albini Schltr.   PR
amictum Lindl.   ES (1), MG, MS (9), RJ, SP, Paraguay
chrysorhapis Rchb. f.   SC
coloratum Kön & Weinm   ES (8)
cornigerum Lindl.   ES, MG, PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP, Paraguay
cruciatum Rchb. f.   MS (11), PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP
fimbriatum Lindl.   ES (1) PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP, Paraguay
gilvum (Vell.) Pabst   ES (1 - 9) Species dúbia
kautskyi Pabst   ES
leinigii Pabst   PR
lietzei Regel   ES, PR, RJ (3), SP, Paraguay
polyodontum Krzl   sine loco, species dubia
pyxidophorum Rchb. f.   Brazil(?)
pubes Lindl.   ES (1 - 8), MG, RJ, SP, Argentina, Paraguay (?)
remotiflorum Garay   RJ (6)
riograndense Cogn   MG, PR, RS, SC, SP, Argentina
silvanum P. Castro e Campacci   BA (12)
truncatum Pabst,   MG, RJ, RS
verrucosissimum Cogn   ES, Argentina, Paraguay
waluewa Rolfe   MS (11), RJ
widgrenii Lindl   MG, RJ, RS, Paraguay
Natural Hybrid
Ornithocidum X roczonii Leinig   PR (Ornithophora radicans X Oncidium riograndense Cogn.)

5- Section Rostrata Rolfe
ouricanense Castro & Campacci   BA(12
trulliferum Lindl.   ES, PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP

6- Section Heterantha (Lind.) Krzl.
heteranthum Poepp. & Endl   PA, América Central (Costa Rica, Panamá), Guyana, Venezuela, Colômbia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolívia.

7- Section Rhinocerotes Garay & Stacy (l974)
longicornu Mutel   ES, MG, PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP
macronyx Rchb. f.   RS, SC, Argentina, Paraguay

8- Section paucituberculata Lindl.
aberrans Schltr   PR
edwallii Cogn.   ES, MG, MS (11), PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP
hians Lindl.   MG, PR (6), RJ (3 e 6) , SP (6)
hookeri Rolfe   MG, PR, RJ, RS, SC (6), SP (6)
kraenzlinianum Cogn   ES (6), RJ (6)
loefgrenii Cogn.   ES, MG, PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP
paranaense Krzl   MG, MS (9), PR, RJ (6)RS, SC, SP (6), Paraguay
raniferum Lindl   PE, RJ, SP (6)

9- Section Concoloria Krzl.
concolor Hook.   MG, PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP (6)
dasytyle Rchb. f.   RJ
gracile Lindl   MG
ottonis Schltr   MG(6), PR(6), RJ(6), RS(6), SC(6), SP (6)

10- Section Barbata Lindl. Ex Pftz
barbatum Lindl   AL (5), BA, CE, ES (1)MG, PB (5), PE, RJ
chrysopterum (Lindl) Krzl.   MT (?), Bolívia
ciliatum Lindl   AL (10), BA, CE, ES, MG, PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP
cogniauxianum Schltr.   PR, RJ, SC(14), SP(6)
croesus Rchb. f.   ES, RJ(6 - 8),
eurycline Rchb. f.   (?) (8)
fuscopetalum (Hoehne) Garay   GO (6), MS (9), MT(9), PA (9)
longipes Lindl   ES(6), MG, PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP
macropetalum Lindl   DF, GO, MG, MS (11), MT, PA (2), SP, Paraguay
micropogon Rchb. f.   BA, ES (1), RS, SC
psyche Schltr   RS
unicolor Rolfe   ES(6), RJ(6)
uniflorum Booth.   ES(6), MG, PR(6), RJ(6), RS, SC, SP(6)
trichodes Lindl   PA

11- Section Oncidium (= section planilabria Garay & Stacy)
phymatochilum Lindl   BA (possivelmente), ES, MG, PE, RJ, SP , México, Guatemala
planilabre Lindl   Brazil - sine loco, Nicarágua, Costa Rica, Panamá.

12- Section crispa Rchb. ex Pftz
crispum Lodd.   ES, MG, PR, RJ, SC(14), SP
gravesianum Rolfe   ES, PB (5), PE, PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP
marshallianum Rchb. f.   ES (1), MG, RJ
praetextum Rchb. f.   ES, PR, RJ, SP
curtum Lindl   ES (1 - 10), PR, RJ
enderianum Hort.   RJ, SP (see the Considerations about the genus Oncidium)
forbesii Hook   ES, MG, RJ, SP
gardneri Lindl   ES, MG, PR, RJ, SP
imperatoris-maximiliani Rchb. f.   RJ
mantini Godefr   RJ
pectorale Lindl   RJ, SC, SP
rivierianum St. Leg.   Brazil sine loco
sarcodes Lindl   ES (1) MG, PR, RJ, SP
zappii Pabst   ES, RJ
Natural Hybrids
X colnagoi Pabst   ES - O. zappii X O. gardneri var. caloglossum
X litum Rchb. f. - O. forbesii X O. crispum   RJ (according to Carlos Eduardo de Britto it would be O. forbesii X O. gardneri)
X polletianum Rchb. f.   RJ -Reichenbach described as a species and arose the hypothesis that it could be a hybrid between O. dasytyle and O. forbesii.
In "Flora Brasilienzis", it appears as a variety of O. gardneri (In Carlos Eduardo's opinion, it would be O. dasytyle X O.curtum)
X praestans Rchb. f.   RJ - described as a species and arose the hypothesis that it could be a hybrid between O. daystyle and O. gardneri. In "Flora Brasilienzis", it appears as a variety of O. gardneri (To Carlos Eduardo de Britto Pereira it would be O. dasytyle X O. forbesii)
X punctatum Hort   RJ .In "Flora Brasilienzis", it appears as a hybrid between O. forbesii and O. gardneri
X scullyi Pabst & Mello   RJ - O. curtum X O. gravesianum
X stanleyi Rolfe   sine loco - O. curtum X O. marshallianum
X wheatleyanum Gower   RJ O. crispum X O. dasytyle

13- Section synsepla

bifolium Sims   PR, RS, SC, Uruguay, Argentina, Bolívia
brunnipetalum Barb. Rodr.   PR
chrysothyrsus Rbch. f. ex Warner   Brazil
euxanthinum Rchb. f   MG, SP (6)
flexuosum Sims   AL (5 - 10), BA, ES, MG, PA, PE, PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP
isopterum Lindl   MG, GO (possivelmente)
ghillanyi Pabst   MG (possibly a different species, not a synonym of O. spilopterum, see "Considerations about the genus Oncidium"" and the interview)
maculosum Lindl   MG, Paraguay
majevskyi Toscano & Castro   ES - RJ
martianum Lindl   MG, PR
paranapiacabense Hoehne   SP
varicosum Lindl   ES (1), SP, GO (6)
welteri Pabst   ES, MG, RJ, SP
Note Senghas considered O. spilopterum assigned in this section and not in Section Oblongata as Pabst & Dungs considered.

14- Section verrucituberculata
batemanianum Parm.   GO, MG, RJ (3), Bolívia
blanchetii Rchb. f.   BA, ES (1), MG, PE, PR, RJ, SC, SP, Bolívia
chapadense P. Castro & Campacci   GO (15)
donianum Batem. ex Baxter   PR, RJ, SC
hydrophilum Barb. Rodr   DF, GO, MG, PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP
ramosum Lindl   MG
sellowii Cogn.   MG (6), PE (6)
warmingii Rchb. f.   ES (1), MG, RJ, SP, Venezuela

15- Section oblongata Krzl
(including the section Planifolia Benth & Hook)
amabile   doubt species
barbaceniae Lindl   MG, PR, RJ, SP
baueri Lindl   AL (5 - 10), AP, ES, MG, PA, RJ, SP
caldense Rchb. f.   MG
celsissimum Hoffmsgg.   sine loco - species dubia
edmundoi Pabst   MG (9), RJ
fuscans Rchb. F.   ES, MG, PR, RJ, SC
orthostates Ridl   AM (2), GO, RO, RR, TO (9), Guiana, Venezuela
pentecostele Rchb. f.   RJ (it can be a synonym of O. baueri Lindl)
pirarense Rchb. f.   ES, MG, PR, RJ, SC, SP, Guiana
spilopterum Lindl.   GO (?), MG, MS (9), MT(9), Paraguay (see the note in section Synsepala)

Sections and species nowadays excluded from the genus
and elevated to generic rank

Section Oncidium
O. urophyllum Lodd   Tolumnia urophylla (Lodd. ex Lindl) Braëm (8)   AM (possibly)

Section Plurituberculata
elevated to generic rank under Lophiaris

The all section has been transferred to the genus Lophiaris, established by Raffinnesque in 183.
This change has been based on morphologic characteristics and due to the fact that those species present in the index of chromosomes a clear divergence with the genus Oncidium
(Karlkheinz Senghas, translated by Waldemar Scheliga, in Orquidário, volume 12, # 4).
O. lanceanum Lindl.   Lophiaris lanceanum (Lindl.) Braëm (8)   AM, PA, PE (5), Guiana, Suriname, Trinidad, Venezuela
O. morenoi Dodson & Luer   Lophiaris morenoi (Dodson & Luer) Braëm (8)   ES, MS (9), MT (9), PA (4 - 2), SP, Bolívia
O. nanum Lindl.   Lophiaris nana (Lindl.) Braëm (8)   AM, MS (9), MT (9), PA, Guiana, Venezuela
O. pumilum Lindl.   Lophiaris pumila (Lindl.) Braëm (8)   BA, DF, ES, GO, MG, MS (9-11), MT (9), PA, PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP, Uruguay, Argentina
Oncidium schwambachiae (Castro & Toscano)   Lophiaris schwambachiae (Castro & Toscano) Sengh(8)   ES (8)
O. stramineum Batem ex Lindl.   Lophiaris straminea (Batem ex Lindl.) Braëm (8)   ?
O. pohlianum Cogn(formerly assigned to a Section pulvinata)   Lophiaris pohliana (Cogn) Braëm (8)   SP
Natural Hybrid
Rodricidium (Rodriguezia venusta X Oncidium pumilum)   ES (7)

Section glanduligera
O. limminghei Ed. Morr   Psychopsiella limminghei (Ed. Morr ex Lindl) Lückel & Braëm (8)   MG (9), RJ
O. papilio   Psychopsis papilio   AM (possibly)
Oncidium sp.   Psychopsis (possibly Psychopsis sanderae Rolfe (Rolfe) Lückel & Braëm or another closely related species   RR (2)

  (1) Augusto Ruschi
  (2) João Batista F. da Silva - Boletim Caob
  (3) David Miller and Richard Warren
  (4) Luiz Carlos Nepomuceno, Wolmar da Silva Cedivanes, Euzamar Cardoso Silveira, Jair Pereira da Silva
  (5) Augusto Burle Gomes Ferreira
  (6) Carlos Eduardo de Britto Pereira
  (7) Erico de Freitas Machado
  (8) Karlheinz Senghas, translated by Waldemar Scheliga
  (9) Augusto Fernandes Neves
  (10) Segundo Luiz de Araujo Pereira
  (11) Álvaro Pereira dos Santos
  (12) Vitorino Paiva Castro Neto e Marcos Antonio Campacci
  (13) Marcos Antonio Campacci e Eduardo Luiz Martins Catharino
  (14) KLEIN, Roberto M.; BRESOLIN, Antônio & REIS, Ademir