(a brief description of the topics)


- A few words about the history of orchid cultivation and of its first references and classifications. The dissemination of the epiphytic orchids after the discovery of the new world by Europeans.


- A brief explanation about the use of orchids as medicines, aphrodisiacs infusion and magic potions from the third century BC to the present.

- Orchid localization and characteristics. Lists of genera and species. Native orchids that are well adapted to Rio de Janeiro city conditions.

Care and Tips

- The 5 main factors that influence the growth and the development of the orchids: Watering, light, temperature, ventilation and food.

Flowering periods
- Blooming seasons of well known species. All References are to the southern hemisphere.

Some species
- Short texts about their origins and tips on cultivation for Vanda, Cattleya, Dendrobium and Laelia purpurata.

- Coverage and informations about the World Orchid Conferences.

Show room
- A gallery of wonderful photos of many species. To view the orchids in a larger format, click on the photos.

- Links to many sites of orchidofile interest: societies, personal sites, commercial growers, search sites and botanical gardens.

- People who cooperated in the creation of this site.


- You can contact us here.

Find your orchid

- An interactive, easy and fast way to find the proper orchid for your environment. You answer some questions about the your environment you have and suitable orchids will be listed, some with photo (almost 200 photos).

Orchid Art Gallery

- Artistic creations of orchids listed in five show rooms: paintings, illustrations, wall tiles, ceramics and photos.

- Promoting events related to orchids: shows, expositions, panels and more. If you desire to promote an event, please email us.

To unpretentious beginners
- Tips to beginners who are not interested in getting deep into cultivation.

Image Bank
- Here you will find photos and basic information about more than 2,000 orchids.

Anatomy of an orchid

- An interactive way to identify the parts of the flower: Petals, sepals and so on.

Orchid News
- Magazine with interviews, relevant works or events.

Orchids by state

- Click on the state desired on the map of Brazil and a list of its native orchids will be shown.

- A listing of books on Brazilian species, short reviews and purchasing information.