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Despite its title this site, created in 1996, addresses issues related to orchids from all over the world, although it gives more emphasis to Brazilian species.
It doesn't matter if you are a professional or amateur grower, if you are just starting out or are already an expert, Brazilian Orchids will always have something that might interest you.
We will share with you some information about the history, use, cultivation and origin of some species. We will also talk about hybrids, new species, main books dealing with Brazilian orchids, curiosities and much more.
We draw your attention to the Image Bank where you will find more than 2,500 photos of orchids.
Anyway, we tried to make the site as wide as possible.
Go to the topics below and choose where to start.
We hope you like the site.

  Delfina de Araujo e Sergio Araujo

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This site was awarded with the Gold Medal and the Grand Prix Trophy of
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